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Innovate your business with new solutions
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What we do?

We advise Danish organizations on innovation, growth and new business opportunities.
Intimately familiar with Denmark’s business and institutional landscape yet located at the heart of the startup nation, our expert team works with organizations like yours to build tailored solutions to your challenges. We custom-build one-on-one engagements as well as hold a range of bootcamps, masterclasses and partnerships.

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How we do that?

We provide our clients end to end consulting services


Advising on Innovation Strategy

Using our in-house expertise, we create a tailor-made innovation strategy for you, based on a deep analysis of your current business and a process of identifying multifaceted solutions in Israel. We assemble a Danish-Israeli team to give you the best advice from both worlds. Then, we draw on a network of partners in Israel (and beyond) to scale and accelerate implementation of the strategy.

Scouting for Tech & Partners

We have years of experience scouting for new technologies in the Israeli ecosystem, and have also contributed to building new innovation hubs. When looking for new technologies or partners to spark innovation at your organization, we analyze your needs and conduct extensive due diligence to find the ideal match for your business.

Learning about Innovation

We provide unique and holistic insight into the Israeli approach to innovation through various bootcamps and masterclasses on a variety of topics. We design and run these programmes several times a year, together with Israeli and Danish partners.


With our broad knowledge of industry and academia, we establish partnerships and joint academic ventures between relevant actors, private and public, Danish and Israeli alike. Because our diverse team is able to bridge cultural gaps between Danish and Israeli stakeholders, we are your gateway to a large network of experts in a broad array of verticals.

Join our 1-week accelerator program in one of the leading global foodtech ecosystems

April 19 – 23, 2020

case studies

Executive advising on how to build a cyber ecosystem

In May 2019, the Danish Industry Foundation commissioned us to conduct an in-depth analysis of the cyber ecosystem in Israel as well as cyber education and training programmes. This report lays the groundwork for building a world-class cyber hub in Denmark. Our team embarked on a thorough industry analysis, which consisted of over 40 interviews with leading experts from both the private and public sectors. With this knowledge in hand, we produced two in-depth reports on cyber in Israel, with concrete recommendations for the Danish Industry Foundation on how to move forward. The report also formed the basis for an expert meet-up in Copenhagen, where findings were deliberated and workshopped by Israeli and Danish stakeholders in the cyber world. Our team carried out extensive research, facilitated a meet-up and provided ongoing consultation for our client, who is now several steps closer to building a cyber hub with our help.

AgriFood Tech Bootcamp

Danish-Israeli Health Innovation Agreement

The Danish healthcare sector has unique strengths in terms of its extensive data collection but also unique challenges in terms of innovation. Our team hosted the executive management of North Zealand’s Hospital in Israel and provided advice on how to prepare for the future by establishing a strong innovation culture. Our groundwork resulted in a pioneer agreement on collaboration between Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv and North Zealand’s Hospital, which was signed by the two parties in June 2019. With this agreement to tackle innovation challenges together, the two hospitals are much better placed to benefit from each other’s work.

Innovation Camp in the Desert

Over the course of a week, 32 Danish and Israeli students and educators descended on Ben-Gurion University – a hub of innovation in the Negev desert. Our clients, two Danish colleges PH Absalon and UC Lillebælt, had requested a new approach to teaching their students about hi-tech entrepreneurship. After extensive due diligence, we developed a new methodology for student entrepreneurship, modelled on the multidisciplinary and multicultural exchange of knowledge and method between Danish and Israeli students. This successful debut collaboration between Danish and Israeli stakeholders has set the stage for a repeat collaboration and sister-events in the months to come.

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